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"Beaver" Tactical Thermal Underwear Set

"Beaver" Tactical Thermal Underwear Set

"Beaver" Tactical Thermal Underwear Set is designed to keep you warm during the transitional and winter seasons. The underwear was developed at the request of Russian special forces units. The set comes in a neutral green color. The primary mission of Beaver underwear is to create a comfortable environment for your body during periods of inactivity after strenuous activity. This is achieved through a special fabric weaving that provides instant moisture wicking from the body while maintaining temperature balance. The set consists of a long-sleeve shirt and pants. The shirt has a high-quality double-zipper closure. The Diffuser collar weaving has a special structure with longitudinal ducts that provide heat and moisture dissipation and create a comfortable microclimate. Special 3D inserts on the back and in the middle of the chest effectively drain moisture even when under the pressure of a backpack or body armor. The main fabric is made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex. This combination creates a compression effect that reduces unnecessary muscle vibration during activity and prevents wrinkling or slipping of the fabric, providing an excellent fit for the shirt. The micro fleece lining inside the fabric effectively traps body heat, which is essential in cold conditions. The shirt has an elegant design that allows it to be used not only as thermal underwear, but also as a standalone item that can be worn with other clothing. The pants have a simple and comfortable design. The waistband is equipped with a built-in, non-adjustable elastic band. The convenient fly facilitates using the restroom in field conditions. The 3D insert on the lower back provides effective moisture wicking. The flat seams connecting the pants’ parts do not chafe during activity. "Beaver" Tactical Thermal Underwear Set by 5.45 Design retains heat exceptionally well and provides essential comfort in difficult weather conditions.


  • Main fabric: 86% polyamide, 14% elastane 
  • 3D inserts: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane
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