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"Hawk" Carbon Helmet With Air Slots

"Hawk" Carbon Helmet With Air Slots

"Hawk" carbon helmet is used to protect head from hits with heavy objects, as well as from falling from a big height. It protects from traumatic brain injuries during driving, helicopter landings, parachute jumps and operations on water. Helmet can be used during search, rescue and reconnaissance operations when there is no danger to be found and attacked with firearms.

"Hawk" has special shape with power lines in front, back and side areas. They increase resistance to mechanical impact. Ledge in temple areas protects thin bones without limiting the view. Unlike ordinary plastic helmets, carbon model with integrated aramid layers can protect from light flying debris. Team Wendy under crown pad system allows to use helmet for a long period of time. It offers wide adjustment range.

"Hawk" 5.45 DESIGN is offered in two modifications: with slots for additional ventilation (but in this case, if you don’t have a compatible hood, your head will always get wet during rain) or without such slots. Helmet weight remains almost unchanged.

"Hawk" 5.45 DESIGN carbon helmet has mounts for NVG devices, additional equipment, headset, goggles and other accessories.

  1. 5.45 DESIGN® strap system allows to use helmet in lying position and with NVG devices.
  2. Under crown pads protect head from strong hits with heavy objects, as well as from falling from a big height.
  3. NVG device mount with additional elastic bands for safe edge fixation.
  4. Temple bone protection.
  5. Power lines for additional strength.
  6. Helmet is made from very durable carbon with aramid layers.
  7. Helmet is ideal for head protection during parachute jumps and mountain hikes.
  8. Screw nape system Boa® allows to adjust fit perfectly.
  9. Helmet weighs 670 grams.
The Boa® Fit System enables easy, quick and safe helmet fixation on the head, as well as easy helmet dismount after use. The Boa® Fit System also allows user to put helmet on again without any additional adjustments.

More detailed explaination and USP Boa®
  • FIT TO PERFORM || Boa® provides a secure fit around your head with no pressure points. It gives all-day comfort and a custom fit that’s lightweight, low-profile, and micro-adjustable. Boa® even eliminates the need for heavy counter-weights, decreasing fatigue and neck strains
  • FAST ||  With a simple user interface, the Boa® Fit System provides a quick release to allow for fast doffing when necessary.
  • GUARANTEED ||  The Boa® Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which they are integrated.
  • EIGHTEEN YEARS AND COUNTING || The Boa® Fit System is used globally by 10 million+ people per year performing across industries and environmental conditions. Regardless of your mission, we pledge to make your best gear better so you can stay focused, confident, and perform at your peak.
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