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"Irbis 2.0" Winter Tactical Jacket

"Irbis 2.0" Winter Tactical Jacket

Long straight silhouette jacket, with a sewn-in insulated lining and a central zipper, with an insulated strip fixed with metal buttons. There is a plastron under the zipper. There is a stitched snow-protective "skirt" on the lining in the lower part of the jacket on the inside, with a button closure, the flying edge of which is tied with an elastic band with an anti-slip latex insert. The fronts are connected to the back with a one-piece yoke. The upper pockets of the fronts, starting from the sleeves, are made in relief with a waterproof zipper. The bottom line of the fronts is shaped, elevated relative to the back. The back of the jacket is elongated with a shaped bottom line. Two slanted slash pockets are located in the lower part of the back of the jacket, with a waterproof zipper. The sleeves are fitted, with two undercuts at the elbow and in front. Each sleeve has two slash pockets with waterproof zipper fastener. The sleeve is decorated with an inner cuff made of fleece. In the side seams of the sleeves, the thermoregulatory outlets are closed with waterproof zippers. The collar is a wide stand, with a shaped line of the top, on the front part there are strips for fixing the ledges of the hood. The rack on the upper edge is regulated by a cummerbund, in which an elastic cord with locks is inserted. The outer collar is made of the main fabric, adjusted on one layer of insulation, the inner collar with one layer of insulation is made of pile finishing fabric. The hood consists of two parts, fastened at the lower cut to the neck of the jacket with a detachable waterproof zipper. The top of the hood is connected with one layer of insulation on the cuts. The height of the neck part, the width of the hood on the sides and the front neckline area are regulated by an elastic cord with locks. The high ledges of the hood are fastened with buttons, the metal parts of which are hidden under the fleece trim.

Key features

  • Longer cut
  • Compatible with body armor
  • Central two-way zipper with pullers, with insulated overstitch, fixed with metal buttons.
  • Collar - wide stand, with shaped top line
  • Drawcord with elastic cord and locks on the collar
  • Soft insert on the inner side of the collar
  • Zippered and buttoned hood
  • Hood with flap in front
  • Hood flap with buttons
  • Hood flap trimmed with warm knit fabric on the inside
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