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"Irbis 2.0" Winter Tactical Pants

"Irbis 2.0" Winter Tactical Pants

Irbis 2.0 pants with a sewn-in insulated lining. The side seams with zipper are closed by the upper stitched insulated strip on Velcro. The codpiece is trimmed with a zipper. At the waist line there is a belt, adjustable in width by an elastic band with Velcro patches and five sewn-in straps fastened with buttons. Suspenders are attached to the pants through loops located at the level of the side cuts and above the waist level to avoid rubbing of the tactical belt on the equipment. On the back halves of the pants, in the upper part, reinforcing overlays from the main fabric are stitched. The back pockets are patch pockets with a flap, which is fixed on the pocket with the help of magnets. At the bottom of the pants there is a system of fixation of pants with the help of stripes. All seams of the suit should be glued with a special tape to enhance heat and moisture protection properties.

Fabric composition, materials

  • Fabric - 100% polyester;
  • Membrane - two-component membrane based on porous polytetrafluoroethylene ePTFE;
  • Density - 140 g/m2;
  • Water resistance - 10000 mm of water column;
  • Vapor permeability - 10000 g/m2/24h;
  • Specially durable coloring. Insulation - nonwoven bulk fabric made of hollow polyester highly twisted siliconized fibers Primaloft Gold;
  • Surface density of the insulation in the body area - 300 g/m2;
  • Surface density of insulation in sleeves and pants - 230 g/m2.
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