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"Lynx" Combat Set

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Can be used with body armor in a warm climate (from +10 C to +20 C). Lightweight, durable and breathable material.
  • Sleeves are made from breathable and durable material, they are equipped with pockets for small items and papers.
  • Stand collar with soft inner side does not chafe neck and protects it from dirt and sunburns.
  • Reinforced elbow areas are equipped with pockets for protection pads.
  • Trousers are equipped with integrated rugged knee protectors.
  • Suspenders help trousers to remain on the waist even if pockets are heavily loaded .
  • Trousers can be adjusted to the shoe size.
  • Elastic inserts ensure comfort in a sitting position and during shooting from the knee.
  • Lower back area is padded with a soft material that prevents chaffing.
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