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"Mirage 2.0" White Camouflage Set

"Mirage 2.0" White Camouflage Set

Can be used for protection from extreme winter weather conditions. Loose fit breaks silhouette and allows to use camouflage set with significant amount of equipment.
  • Front flap enables access to equipment stored on chest and sides. 
  • Back flap for access to evacuation strap. 
  • Side zippers for quick access to equipment mounted on the combat belt. 
  • Hood can be worn over helmet and winter jacket hood. It can be adjusted for wear with the regular hat. 
  • You can put full drop-off trousers on without taking the shoes off. 
  • Multifunctional back outer hip pockets enable access to the clothes worn under the trousers. 
  • Lightweight, durable and breathable material.
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