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"Mirage" White Camouflage Set

"Mirage" White Camouflage Set

"Mirage" 5.45 DESIGN white camouflage gown can be really useful during winter in snow-covered terrain. It can be used for various purposes: hunting, special military or tactical operations. This equipment will help you to become an invisible part of surrounding landscape. 

"Mirage" hunting camouflage gowns are made of strong, durable and light synthetic material with perforations. White gown with grey spots is literally invisible in winter field conditions. 

When folded, equipment is very compact and does not take much space.

"Mirage" 5.45 DESIGN can b eworn comfortably over any clothes. Breathable fabric ensures freedom of motion. There are special cutouts in the jacket for easy access to the tactical equipment. Pants are equipped with double knee pads that prevent abrasion. Width of lower leg area can be adjusted. Fabric does not change color with time, it dries fast and keeps shape after multiple washes. Fully synthetic material does not crease and does not absorb moisture. It is very impactresistant.

"Mirage" hunting camouflage gowns are very popular amongst decisive and strong soldiers and hunters. If you wear such gown, you will be invisible in winter landscape when it’s necessary. Here you can buy camouflage gowns at attractive prices, as we distribute them directly and guarantee the highest quality. You will not find any disadvantages and definitely will be surprised by the long life time of this equipment.

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