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"Module" Ballistic Visor


"Module" bulletproof visor by 5.45 DESIGN protects face from debris with V50% speed not less than 1800 ft/s, 9x18 mm PM pistol cartridge ind. 57-N-181C, as well as from rocks and other items impact. It is certified according to BR1 protection level, GOST R 50744-95.

The visor is made of 2 layers of polycarbonate with an air gap between layers, which increases the protective properties and reduces weight. The visor overall thickness is 0.6 in. The visor can be installed to standard side rails of "Spartan" series ballistic helmets of all types.

The visor is installed without any special mounts, so it can be quickly attached and detached without any additional tools. The visor can be fixated on the helmet in horizontal, vertical or any other intermediate position. Overall weight of the visor does not exceed 2,2 lbs. The area of protection is not less than 54,2 square inches.

The delivery set includes:

  1. "Module" bulletproof visor by 5.45 DESIGN®
  2. Transportation and storage case
  3. Adapters for installation to bigger helmets
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