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"Owl" Watch Cap


“Owl” Watch Cap headband is optimized for use with monoculars, NVG devices and combined on-the-head devices when protection helmet is not required. It allows to use such devices without any discomfort and significantly increases user efficiency in the darkness.

Watch Cap is made of lightweight materials and is suitable for any weather. It can be used both in warm and the cold climate (with additional cap in the second case). Wide adjustment range ensures optimal individual fit.

The Watch Cap is available in two sizes:

  • Size 1 (55-58)
  • Size 2 (58-61)
"Owl" 5.45 DESIGN Watch Cap is equipped with double fixation system
  1. Compression due cord protraction with Boa® device screw.
  2. Under-chin strap fixation in two directions: first strap goes from the front side of the chin to the nape, second strap goes from under the chin to the forehead area.
Watch Cap is equipped with right and left Velcro panels for passive identification signs.Upper Velcro panel can be used for the attachment active identification signs (IR-markers, thermal and visual beacons). Counterweights and external NVG power banks can be mounted on the rear side of the headband. Right and left flapped openings are optimized for power bank cable laying.

There are two elastic cords with hooks for additional device fixation in lower and upper positions (additional fixation may be required during runs and landings). Front headband area is equipped with shroud fixed on the rigid plastic base. This shroud can be used for mounting of various NVG devices. Impact absorbing pad in the front area consists of composite elements. User can adjust the distance between eyes and device by adding or removing these elements.

How to use "Owl" 5.45 DESIGN Watch Cap
  1. Put the headband on your head
  2. Adjust the headband fit with Velcro in the rear area
  3. Fasten the cap straps and adjust the length of each strap
  4. Put the cap off, mount NVG or any other device to the shroud
  5. Place all the necessary identification signs, mount the power bank, lay the cable through the channel
  6. Put on the headband with all the mounted equipment and device in lifted position
  7. Turn the Boa® screw to tighten the fit
  8. Fasten the cap straps
  9. Lower NVG to the operational position. If it is necessary to adjust the distance between eyes and NVG oculars, insert or remove additional soft composite elements in the forehead area.This will be required if the NVG mount adjustment range does not allow to use it comfortably together with the headband.
  10. In case NVG leans down excessively and the mount adjustment range is insufficient, it is possible to use the upper suspender. In order to do this, pull the Velcro strap in the upper area, position the device as needed and fix it with the athwart Velcro straps.
  11. The NVG device can be additionally pressed to the eyes additionally by elastic cords with hooks. Hooks can be fixed in the convenient (or dedicated) slots of NVG shroud.
The Boa® Fit System enables easy, quick and safe helmet fixation on the head, as well as easy helmet dismount after use. The Boa® Fit System also allows user to put helmet on again without any additional adjustments.

More detailed explaination and USP Boa®
  • FIT TO PERFORM || Boa® provides a secure fit around your head with no pressure points. It gives all-day comfort and a custom fit that’s lightweight, low-profile, and micro-adjustable. Boa® even eliminates the need for heavy counter-weights, decreasing fatigue and neck strains
  • FAST ||  With a simple user interface, the Boa® Fit System provides a quick release to allow for fast doffing when necessary.
  • GUARANTEED ||  The Boa® Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which they are integrated.
  • EIGHTEEN YEARS AND COUNTING || The Boa® Fit System is used globally by 10 million+ people per year performing across industries and environmental conditions. Regardless of your mission, we pledge to make your best gear better so you can stay focused, confident, and perform at your peak.
"Owl" 5.45 DESIGN Watch Cap is made of:
  • Cordura INVISTA 500
  • 100% Nylon 6.6 mesh
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