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"Phantom X-Static" Baselayer

"Phantom X-Static" Baselayer

"Phantom X-Static" 5.45 DESIGN thermal underwear is constructed with special X-Static threads with high silver content. Silver antibacterial properties prevent bacterial growth, protect from unpleasant smell and have antiseptic effect. Thermal underwear has compression effect and adjusts to the shape and position of body. Contents: 82% polyamide, 15% elastin, 3% polypropylene.

"Phantom X-Static" 5.45 DESIGN advanced zonal thermal underwear is exceptionally soft and guarantees comfortable compression. Underwear is designed especially for long term wear, it cools body down during physical activity and warms up when you stay without movement. Special technology of inner and outer channels wicks excess moisture and creates optimal microclimate between fabric and skin.

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