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About brand

About brand
Thanks to the constant contact with the representatives of the leading special departments, we managed to define the concept of our system consisting of equipment, uniform and accessories. All the separate elements are the parts of the whole system, they complement each other and significantly increase the efficiency of the whole set, as well as the results of the end user actions. Military specialists always give Russian equipment and uniform made by 5.45 Design the highest ranks. It means, that we are on the right way, and the desire to develop and produce the best things is getting only stronger. For many years already, we cooperate with the best special forces departments, providing them with the full range of equipment and uniform of the highest quality. All products are made in Russia from the best hi-tech fabrics and the most secure accessories, both Russian and imported.


Of course, it is impossible to develop and implement the state-of-art equipment, uniform and accessories without modern and highly efficient facilities. In our work we use only the best machinery from proven European manufacturers:

  • Macpi (Italy) laser and pressing machines
  • Macpi (Italy) and Pfaff (Germany) seam sealing machines
  • Brother (Japan) automatic sewing machines
  • Brother and Juki (Japan) sewing machines
  • Tajima (Japan) embroidery machine
  • Ultrasonic welding machines
  • Morgan (Italy) automatic cutter complex
  • Various auxiliary and additional facilities.

The equipment mentioned allows us to manufacture the products of ANY GIVEN complexity.



By the beginning of 2019, we already created enough products that can be considered the basis of our system consisting of equipment, uniform and accessories. Many products are used by special services. The wide range of our products is also purchased by European companies, so we are very optimistic about the perspective of international markets coverage.


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