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Foldable two-sided mat Trak | Review
13 May 2021
Trak mat is the element of bivouac equipment, it can perfectly protect your body from cold and moist ground during spring, summer and autumn. It has a 1.5 -r-value thermal insulation coefficient.
Counterweight pouch | Review
05 May 2021
Simple and secure design of this model can be used to store the counterweight to the night vision devices. It can also store the NVG power supply. The pouch is attached to the back side of the helmet. One of the pouch sides is equipped with a strong Velcro panel for attachment purposes.
"Patrol" field pants | Review
30 April 2021
"Patrol" field pants by 5.45 DESIGN are part of the eponymous suit. The pants can be used both by professionals and people who like to spend their free time outdoors.
"Patrol" field jacket | Review
29 April 2021

"Patrol" field jacket by 5.45 DESIGN company is the full-fledged element of a combat uniform. Due to the Softshell material this model is comfortable, pleasant to touch and wind-proof.

Wolverine suit | Review
28 April 2021

5.45 DESIGN company offers very interesting options for everyone who has an active lifestyle and stays active despite harsh weather conditions. Insulated Wolverine suit is one of the multi-layering clothing system elements.

Small medical pouch | Review
27 April 2021

5.45 DESIGN small medical pouch is the model that shouldn’t be ignored in order to save money. We introduce the medical pouch for the first level aid kit.

Medium utility pouch | Review
27 April 2021

5.45 DESIGN medium utility pouch is a secure, functional and simple in use model. It can be used not only for its direct purposes by professionals. It can be also used by hunters, fishermen, travellers and military/tactical gamers to carry the items of a suitable size. The pouch design ensures safe storage of your possessions and protects them from negative outside factors.

Medium medical pouch | Review
27 April 2021

If you are going hiking, getting ready for combat missions or preparing for an extreme trip, safety must be your priority and you should always be ready to provide a pre-hospital help. We introduce a medium medical pouch by 5.45 DESIGN company.

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