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"Lynx" Tactical Boonie Hat


Bonie hat shall be used to protect head from the sun and break the silhouette in the warm climate (from +10°C to +25°C). Moderate wavy brim perfectly breaks the head contour without blocking the view even if you need to shoot from lying position. Passive identification marks can be attached to the sides and back of the hat (so that patches remain invisible to the enemy in the front, but can be seen by allies from the sides and back). Active identification beams can be attached to the top area (they are needed for group control and management from the air, as well as for mutual recognition using NVG or thermal imagery devices on ground during the operation active phase). Velcro areas can’t be seen in NVG devices, they are made in original camouflage pattern. There is a special moisture wicking material in the forehead area. Back pocket can be equipped with removeable cape to protect ears and neck from sunburns, dirt and insects while being in the forest. Chin fixator and convenient back adjuster help the hat to stay put even during strong wind or when you move through the bushes and branches. Bonie hat is perfectly compatible with balaclava, tube scarf and shemagh.

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