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Wind and waterproof "Thor" Cap | Review
08 June 2022

5.45 DESIGN company introduces multifunctional "Thor" cap. Optimal thermal range of use is from -10°С to +10°С. This cap fits the head closely, ensuring full protection from wind, wet snow and rain.

Standard radio pouch | Review
08 June 2022

Standard radio pouch can be used to carry and store various types of radios. It is compact, lightweight and durable.

Spartan 2 helmet cover | Review
08 June 2022

This cover is designed to camouflage and protect Spartan 2 helmet. Central and side areas are made from durable nylon mesh, which makes the cover damage resistant, protects its shape and color and also prevents the highlight reflections.

Softshell tube-scarf | Review
08 June 2022

Softshell tube-scarf is widely used in the demi-season and cold time of the year. It protects user neck from the hypothermia and mechanical damage. This tube-scarf is made from 100% polyester, which makes it durable and easy to maintain.

Shot Backpack with Helmet Compartment | Review
08 June 2022

The lightweight, compact, and ergonomic "Shot" backpack with helmet compartment is designed to carry the first necessity items, as well as the helmet when it is not in use. The designers managed to make this model both easy to use and efficient.

Python S Tube-Scarf | Review
08 June 2022

Multifunctional and comfortable Python S tube-scarf is made from 100% polyester. This model is lightweight and durable, it doesn’t lose shape during wear.

Portable Shooting Rest Bag | Review
08 June 2022

It is often necessary to start shooting from the unprepared position or on the walk. And typically the backpack is used as the rest bag. But the backpack shape is not always convenient to position the weapons on. Based on the experience and law enforcement personnel needs, our specialists developed the shooting rest bag that can be attached to the backpack.

Patrol Special Suit | Review
07 June 2022

At all times, weather has a significant impact on all the areas of human life, including the defense tasks. When the weather conditions are bad, the efficiency of combat operations decreases. If we compare professional extreme tourist and special force soldier of the equal physique and motivation, they will still have one difference.

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