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Quick Pouch for 1 AK Magazine


The quick release pouch is designed to hold one magazine of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. All colors have camouflage properties, which work both in visible and infrared spectrum. The design of the pouch allows convenient placement and, most importantly, quick removal of the magazine, regardless of the caliber it is designed for (5.45 or 7.62). This is achieved by a special device of its main part, which resembles TACO and encircles the magazine from the outer and inner sides. Both sides have MOLLE interface, which allows to place the pouch on equipment, as well as to mount small modules on top of the pouch. The slings securing the pouch to the gear have low-pressure plastic shanks. The end part of the pouch is made in the form of a flexible, plastic, U-shaped insert, the edges of which have a slight bend, which is very convenient when placing the magazine. The main part of the pouch and the plastic insert are connected by means of rivets and elastic cord, which passes through MOLLE slings and is adjustable by means of a stopper. The height of the pouch is optimal for secure magazine retention, which is very important for tactical missions. The quick release pouch can be used by both military specialists and civilian shooting sports enthusiasts.

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