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Command Panel


The command panel is designed and manufactured by the Russian company 5.45 DESIGN. It is designed for placing administrative items (pens, notebooks, documents, etc.), as well as devices and tools for organizing orientation on the terrain (compasses, navigators, topographic maps, curvimeters, etc.). All colors and shades are original and camouflage both in visible and infrared spectrum. The panel material used is Cordura 500D fabric, which provides the product with lightness and durability. The design of the pouch panel looks like a closed diary, and has dimensions of 9 x 6.6 x 1 in. A two-lock zipper with convenient pullers provides quick access to the contents. The angle at which the pouch opens is adjustable by means of a length-adjustable elastic cord, which passes through special loops. Inside the pouch there are two flat pockets and elastic slots for small items such as compasses, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. There is also a transparent, folding pocket inside the pouch. There is also a transparent, folding panel inside to hold a topographical map. It measures 16 x 7.4 in and closes with Velcro. The front of the pouch has a velcro panel for attaching various patches. Laser-cut holes are made in the velcro panel to form a MOLLE interface, which allows you to attach additional modules of small size, for example, for a navigator. On the rear side there are slings for mounting the pouch on the MOLLE interface. The form factor of the command panel fits perfectly into the front of the tactical vest and does not interfere with the weapon tab, so it can be used by both professional military and amateur tactical gamers.

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