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Gen 1 Gas Mask Pouch


The Gen 1 gas mask pouch is designed to hold and carry a variety of respiratory protective equipment. It is available in Ranger Green®, Multicam® and A-Tacs FG®, which camouflage in both visible and infrared spectrums. The design of the pouch provides maximum protection for the gas mask inside, as well as quick removal in the event of an emergency. It is made of both lightweight and durable Cordura 500D fabric. The pouch box has a flap that closes with a quick and silent clasp. There are two flaps inside that provide additional protection. On both sides of the box the slings are sewn that form the MOLLE interface. The bottom of the pouch has a metal eyelet for water drainage in case of getting wet. The back side of the pouch is also equipped with MOLLE interface, which allows you to mount it on different types of equipment. At the bottom of the box there is a removable sling with an adjustable fastback buckle, which serves as a hip girth. The pouch has a variability of positioning relative to the owner's body, for which the kit includes an adjustable shoulder strap made of 1.3 in wide sling, the ends of which are equipped with D-rings for attaching them to MOLLE slings. The kit also includes two button pins with D-rings for attaching the pouch to the waist belt. To carry an additional filter, the main pouch is complemented by an additional pouch that can be attached either to the side MOLLE slings or to a vest or belt. The lid of the pouch closes with a silent clasp. The flap of the pouch is equipped with an opening for a corrugated gas mask tube. There is an adjustable elastic band on the body of the pouch, which prevents the contents from moving. The pouch can be used both for carrying a gas mask and other items of similar size.


  • Main pouch - 7.8 x 11.8 x 3.9 in
  • Additional pouch - 4.7 x 5.5 x 3.1 in
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