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Grenade Pouch G2


The G2 5.45 Design Grenade Pouch is designed to hold one grenade (fragmentation, flashbang) with both shock-remote ignition, unified modernized manual ignition, U-515 and other fuses in any user-friendly location. The pouch is available in A-Tacs FG, MultiCam, MultiCam Black, and Ranger Green colors.


All colors are original and camouflage in both visible and IR spectra. The significant advantages of this pouch modification are its well-balanced design that eliminates grenade movement in the inner space and a convenient attachment system that takes up only one MOLLE slot, saving valuable equipment space. The pouch flap design provides easy access to the grenade upon opening, making it very convenient when working with weapons. The G2 Grenade Pouch by 5.45 Design will be an excellent addition to both combat gear and tactical training equipment.


Key features 

  • Main compartment on the flap 
  • Silent flap closure 
  • Closing cord 
  • Two options for placement: 
  • one row of MOLLE 
  • system belt 

Fabric composition, materials 

  • IR remission


  • Type Of Weapon
  • Type Of Weapon
    For Grenade
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