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"Lynx C" Combat Pants

"Lynx C" Combat Pants

"Lynx C" pants are a modernized version of "Lynx" tactical pants and are also intended for use as the main combat element of clothing at temperatures from 0°C to +20°C. They are designed by order of representatives of law enforcement agencies. All colors are original and camouflage both in the visible and infrared spectrum. The main fabric consists of 50% nylon and 50% cotton. The Rip-Stop texture provides durability, lightness and excellent breathability. The cut of the pants has comfortable ergonomics, as it fully adjusts to the human figure and does not constrict movements. The waistband has elastic slings with pats for adjustment, and belt loops up to 4.5 cm wide. The codpiece closes with a zipper and a large, convenient button. Twelve multi-format pockets are located on the entire surface of the pants and provide convenient placement of additional equipment and accessories, such as weapon magazines, hats, gloves, PPE and others. Elastic inserts made of flex fabric located above the knees, on the waistband and on the gusset provide comfort during movement. The knee area has pockets for protective cushioning inserts (which are optional). Also in the knee area there are integrated pads made of soft material, which have light protective properties and protect the knee from impact when the user does not apply special inserts. There is a pocket on the front of the thigh, inside of which there is a device for adjusting the height of the kneecap. Velcro patches prevent the damping insert from moving relative to the knee. In the lower part of the pants there are also patches for fixing the pant leg relative to the boot shank. The use of advanced technologies, top materials and design developments makes the "Lynx-S" pants from the Russian brand 5.45 DESIGN indispensable for tactical tasks.

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