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"Lynx" Tactical Cap

"Lynx" Tactical Cap
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Cap shall be used together with “Lynx” set as the main headgear in the warm climate (from +10°C to +25°C). Front Velcro pad is made in original camouflage pattern, therefore it doesn’t need any protective patches. There is a special moisture wicking material in the forehead area. Back area can be equipped with optional cape to protect ears and neck from sunburns. Cap can also be optionally equipped with space for compact earplugs (Surefire EP 3,4 or 5) or any other earplugs, including active. Cap can be worn with sniper goggles and classical sniper headset (over-the-head or backwear). The cap can be quickly adjusted to the head size. It can be worn both over balaclava or without it. Cap is also compatible with tube scarves and shemaghs.

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