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Open Radio Pouch


Open Radio Pouch is designed to hold portable communication devices on individual equipment such as body armor, belts, backpacks, and other gear. It comes in various colors and patterns such as Ranger Green, MultiCam, and A-Tacs FG, which provide visible and IR camouflage. It is made using Cordura 500D fabric. The useful compartment size of the pouch is 2.9 x 1.7 x 4.3 in. Its design allows it to hold radios such as the Motorola VHF 4400 E, VHF DP4800 E, and other radios with similar dimensions. The pouch is equipped with an elastic strap to hold the contents tightly. The radio can be secured inside the compartment using an adjustable cord and a fastex buckle. The pouch can be mounted to equipment using MOLLE straps on its backside. The Open Radio Pouch does not interfere with headsets that are connected to it. It can be used by representatives of law enforcement agencies, rescuers, and civilian users.

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