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"Patrol Lite" Field Jacket

"Patrol Lite" Field Jacket
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"Patrol Lite" field jacket by 5.45 DESIGN is made from 50% nylon and 50% cotton. This combination of materials make the jacket comfortable, pleasant to touch, lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. Anatomical cut enables comfortable wear both in dynamics and statics.


Design details
  • Classical length and high sleeve cap makes this jacket multipurpose.
  • Two-way central zipper can be opened from the bottom for easy access to belt equipment and other elements.
  • Stand collar with zipper can be adjusted by elastic cord and retainer.
  • There is an additional soft insert for thermal regulation that prevents chafing and discomfort.


  • Integrated in the collar hood can be adjusted with elastic cord and retainer. The cord can be stored in the designated elastic pocket so it will not be caught on bushes when the operator is moving in the forest. The hood design is compatible with various helmet modifications, as well as with hands free headsets and other equipment. Moreover, the hood can be worn over the helmet.
  • The cuffs with no accessories with rubber edges guarantee close fit. Elastic inserts in the cuffs protect from foreign objects and also ensure comfortable movement.


  • The elbows are reinforced with Cordura inserts famous for its durable properties.
  • The left sleeve is equipped with a small zippered pocket that protects the contents from dirt and moisture. The zipper location allows the operator to easily open the pocket. The sleeve is also equipped with Velcro patches for identification signs.
  • Side zippered pockets are covered with a special plank that protects contents from moisture and wind.


  • There is an integrated zipper on the inner side of the sleeve in the armpit area for additional ventilation. Soft fabric protects this insert from foreign objects.
  • The figured bottom of the jacket is elongated on the back. Back side of the jacket can be adjusted with an elastic cord and retainer.

Important! Fabric properties ensure camouflage in the visible and infrared spectrums. This modern model will be appreciated not only by professionals and security officers but also by tourists, athletes, tactical gamers and people with an active lifestyle.

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