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"Point" Foldable Seat

"Point" Foldable Seat

The "Point" Foldable Seat was developed by the Russian company 5.45 DESIGN as a universal seating solution for special forces. The main material used is Cordura 500D fabric, which has proven itself in the production of various types of equipment. The Seat is constructed of two identical panels joined together. Each panel has a special compartment for a removable heat-insulating element. Each element is 12 x 18 in. Thanks to this type of construction, the Seat can be used in various situations. Firstly, when folded, it allows the user to sit on any cold surface (armored vehicles, rocks, concrete, etc.) without risking their health. Secondly, when unfolded, the Seat becomes a small mattress, allowing the user to lie down for extended periods (while observing or during a day/night trip). Thirdly, the Seat can be equipped with "soft armor" and used as an additional blast fragmentation protective element, covering the lower back. The design includes a belt made of 1 in webbing and a fastex buckle for securing the Seat to the user's waist. For better attachment of the Seat to the waist and for convenient movement relative to the body, the belt is attached through elastic rings. To prevent the free ends of the belt from interfering with movement, they are gathered using a special Velcro strap. The belt's location completely prevents the Seat from slipping under the backpack. The "Point" Foldable Seat by 5.45 DESIGN is an excellent purchase as a heat-insulating equipment and can be used both to solve tactical tasks and to organize tourist trips or events related to hunting.


  • folded: 15 x 19 x 1.2 in 
  • unfolded: 15 x 39 x 0.6 in
  • heat-insulating element (2 pcs.): 12 x 18 in


  • 1.28 pounds
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