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"Scorpion" Gaiters


"Scorpion" Gaiters protect shoes from rubbish, excess moisture and snow. Optimal color scheme helps to blend into the landscape and goes well with the main camouflage equipment. Bottom part of "Scorpion" 5.45 DESIGN gaiters is made of 500D Cordura material that prevents abrasion. Upper part from membrane fabric ensures optimal microclimate in ankle area. Two parts are connected with taped seam. Upper part of gaiters can be adjusted for better fit. Strap is made of durable and abrasion-resistant Hypalon. Wider strap ends prevent accidental tearing. Modern materials ensure unsurpassed wear comfort. Feet will not suffer from heat. Special treatment makes "Scorpion" 5.45 DESIGN gaiters invisible for NVG devices. Gaiters are fixed on feet easily and safely, they are optimized for a long wear time.
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