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Small Medical Pouch


The small medical pouch was developed by 5.45 DESIGN to accommodate first-level care for life-threatening injuries. First-level assistance includes: individual dressing package, hemastatic preparations, occlusive dressings, etc. When developing the pouch, the experience of world-famous manufacturers of medical equipment was taken into account. The small medical pouch is made in the following colors and colors: Ranger Green, Black, Multicam and A-tacs FG, which mask both the visible and IR spectrum. For its execution, only the original Cordura fabric with a density of 500D is traditionally used. The design of the pouch provides the user with quick access to the internal contents, for this purpose a quick-opening valve is provided, equipped with two parallel zippers and a special loop. There is a Velcro panel on the valve for a medical patch. Inside the pouch there is a quickly removable Velcro platform with a convenient red loop

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