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"Spartan" Ballistic Helmet


Helmet protects head from injuries by pistol bullets and fragments, as well as from hits with heavy items and fallings from a big height. Helmet is used for tactical and combat operations with risk of firearm attacks when additional head protection is needed.

"Spartan" 5.45 DESIGN ballistic helmet is equipped with special mounts for additional accessories (NVG devices, ears and eyes protection means, IR-marks, identification patches, cameras and flashlights). Patented under crown system ensures comfort during a long wear time, which is extremely important for longer operations. Also, this system enables safer fixation even when a lot of additional equipment is mounted to the helmet. "Spartan" 5.45 DESIGN ballistic helmet weighs 1510 grams and is available in various color schemes (MultiCam, A-TACS FG etc.).

"Spartan" 5.45 DESIGN Ballistic Helmet is sold together with:

  • transportation case
  • side mounts for additional equipment
Helmets are painted with use of Crye Precision patented technology. Patterns fully correspond
to original camouflage designs. Durable coloring has zero remission in IR-spectrum (it is not
reflected by night vision devices).

"Spartan" ensures protection from fragments, as well as from 9x18 mm cartridge with steel-core bullet, ind. 57-N-181C and 9mm Stechkin automatic pistol cartridge, ind. 56-A-126 (BR1 class of protection). This level of protection is sufficient, as automatic bullet energy is higher and protection from such danger would require significant increase of helmet weight.

Helmet consists of:
  • ballistic hemisphere ensuring head protection from pistol bullets and fragments;
  • mount point for NVG devices and additional equipment (flashlights, visors);
  • side mount points for additional equipment (mobile flashlights, cameras, sniper and ballistic goggles, active headsets and headphones, identification patches, headset adaptors, oxygen masks, ballistic shields, chin protection, ballistic reinforcement increasing protection class in the forehead area);
  • velcro panel for mounting of identification patches, IR-marks, cords and NVG power supply elements;
  • patented under crown system with double fixation (first part fixes helmet around the head with special resistant clip, second part fixes helmet around the chin with straps), for the optimal comfort strap direction can be adjusted with special fixators;
  • helmet inner surface is equipped with patented 5.45 DESIGN® pads that ensure necessary ventilation and create several points of contact with head that ensure comfortable wear.
"Spartan" 5.45 DESIGN Ballistic Helmet additional functions:
  • Helmet is compatible with NVG devices, there are special mount points for power supply elements, NVG or thermal imagery devices;
  • Helmet is compatible with air masks for long parachute jumps;
  • There are mounts for shock-resistant cameras, individual flashlights, ballistic goggles, active headsets and headphones;
  • Special mounts for IR-marks and identification patches;
  • Helmet is compatible with visors, side protecting ballistic shields and ballistic chin protection.
Helmet design ensures impact resistance under direct sunlight, rain and snow, as well as after the short exposure to the open fire. The properties of "Spartan" 5.45 DESIGN ballistic helmet remain unchanged in temperature range from -30°С to +40°С. Wide adjustment range includes different head sizes and non-standard shapes (elongated/flat). Helmet does not restrain the freedom of motion. This model ensures non-stop wear during professional activity for no less than 8 hours at temperature 18-20°С and humidity up to 90%. It is possible to wear "Spartan" helmet for three days and more. It is not recommended to wear this helmet non-stop for five days and more.

The Boa® Fit System enables easy, quick and safe helmet fixation on the head, as well as easy helmet dismount after use. The Boa® Fit System also allows user to put helmet on again without any additional adjustments.

More detailed explaination and USP Boa®
  • FIT TO PERFORM || Boa® provides a secure fit around your head with no pressure points. It gives all-day comfort and a custom fit that’s lightweight, low-profile, and micro-adjustable. Boa® even eliminates the need for heavy counter-weights, decreasing fatigue and neck strains
  • FAST ||  With a simple user interface, the Boa® Fit System provides a quick release to allow for fast doffing when necessary.
  • GUARANTEED ||  The Boa® Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which they are integrated.
  • EIGHTEEN YEARS AND COUNTING || The Boa® Fit System is used globally by 10 million+ people per year performing across industries and environmental conditions. Regardless of your mission, we pledge to make your best gear better so you can stay focused, confident, and perform at your peak.
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