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Tactical Suspenders

5.45 Design tactical suspenders with classical Y-shape cut. Suspenders are distinguished by light weight and simple construction. They can be used for the support of first-line equipment, i.e. of belt with pouches. Shoulder straps are made of 5 cm wide durable nylon sling, they effectively distribute the load and do not twist. Suspenders are meant to be used with body armor, so they do not press the trapezius muscle. Four 2.5 cm wide strap ends with two-slot buckles ensure easy fastening to the belt. Back part is made of wide and dense elastic strap with stopper belt sewn on top. This construction prevents suspenders from pulling the belt up in the inclined position, as well as from sagging with heavy load. Strong seams are additionally reinforced with Hypalon patches. 5.45 Design tactical suspenders camouflage coloring is effective in both visible and invisible IR-spectrums. It is simple, lightweight and durable model that will help you to carry all the necessary equipment.
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