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Universal AK Pouch


The pouch is designed for carrying and transporting a single Kalashnikov rifle magazine. It comes in Ranger Green, black, as well as camouflage patterns such as MultiCam Black, MultiCam, and A-Tacs FG, which provide camouflage capabilities in both visible and IR spectrums. The pouch's design allows for the placement of AK magazines of different calibers (7.62x39mm and 5.45x39mm), as well as magazines of similar dimensions intended for other weapon systems. The pouch flap is mounted on the body using Velcro, allowing the user to adjust the depth and angle at which the flap rests on the magazine. The flap can also be closed using Velcro. The inner part of the flap has a soft insert to ensure optimal magazine retention. If desired, the flap can be removed to enable faster and quieter magazine extraction when necessary. The pouch body is equipped with a wide elastic strap that securely holds the weapon magazine if the pouch is used without the flap. On the rear side of the pouch, there are special straps with low-pressure plastic tabs for mounting on the MOLLE interface. This versatile AK magazine pouch can be used by professionals in military units, as well as shooting sports enthusiasts and participants in military-themed games.

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