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"Wolfram" Plate Carrier


"Wolfram" tactical vest by 5.45 DESIGN Russian manufacturer is designed to solve special tascs connected with high dynamic conditions. It allows to install a full selection of standard Russian bulletproof elements, as well as to attach various pouches to the MOLLE interface all around the vest. The removable front panel of the Wolfram vest is equipped with an integrated open pouch for three AK magazines. Wolfram vest is available in genuine color options (MultiCam, A-Tacs FG, Ranger Green).

The main part of the vest is made of Codrura 500D material. The cummerbund parts are made of the laminated hypalon. There is a MOLLE MINUS interface applied to the cummerbund with laser technology. It is important that the MOLLE MINUS interface is applied under a certain angle that allows to place the pouches in a more ergonomic way. The front removable panel and a part of the back surface are also made of the laminated hypalon. The inner part of the vest is made of AirMesh breathable mesh.

The back surface of the vest is equipped with a strong loop for transportation or the evacuation of an injured operator. There are Velcro panels on the front and the back of the vest for identification patches and also for large department patches. The vest can be fully adjusted to the size of the user so it can be also worn with the insulated jackets. Wolfram unloading vest by 5.45 DESIGN can satisfy the requirements of both special forces employees and military fans.

"Wolfram" tactical plate carrier by Russian military equipment brand 5.45 DESIGN is meant for personal protection and perfectly suits for use by enforcement personnel and tactical gamers, as well as for protection of individuals and for performing special tasks in dynamic conditions.


Special design and materials used ensure the vest functionality:

  • The main part of the vest is made of Cordura 500D material which is yet unsurpassed in quality thanks to its unique nylon fibers, treatment and special weaving. Hi-tech fabric is very durable and wear-resistant, it is designed especially for bulletproof vests.


  • Cummerband details are made of laminated Hypalon material that is known for its high abrasion and deformation resistance. There is a MOLLE MINUS interface on the cummerband made with laser technology. It is worth mentioning that the MOLLE MINUS interface is placed under a certain angle that enables the operator to mount pouches in a more organized way.
  • The vest is fully compatible with Russian-made armor plates. It is possible to wear the vest with insulation layers because it can be easily adjusted to the size of the operator.


  • There is an integrated open pouch (included in price) for three AK magazines on the removable front panel.
  • There is a durable loop on the back of the vest for transportation or operator evacuation in case of injury.
  • There are original Velcro patches on the front and back sides of the vest that allow the operator to mount the identification patches and large department patches. Only genuine Velcro patches ensure safe mount and easy deployment of the vest.


  • The straps are made of durable Cordura 500D material that makes them more safe. They fit on the shoulder anatomically without chafing. The strap length can be adjusted if necessary.
  • There are AirMesh ventilation inserts on the inner surface of the vest. This is a perfect material that reduces abrasion and ensures airflow without compromising the item durability.
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