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"Modulus" Tactical Belt

"Modulus" Tactical Belt
Designed to fit pants securely on the user’s waistline. Belt can be used for attachment of magazine pouches, medical pouches, tourniquets, magazine drop pouches, holsters and other additional equipment. When Cobra belt is used together with 5.45 Design pants belt, it can be worn over belt loops with all the equipment attached. This wear method enhances quick preparation for a given mission. COBRA® buckles (user can choose plastic or metal buckle depending on personal requirements) open and close quickly and easily, eliminating the risk of accidental opening.

5.45 DESIGN is introducing "Modulus" lightweight tactical belt. This item is a must for any special dynamic tasks, it can be used by professionals, military and tactical gamers and also people with an active lifestyle. "Modulus" belt gives an opportunity to perform tactical and shooting training and carry all the necessary pouches during special tasks performance in hot climate conditions without any additional bulky equipment.


"Modulus" belt is designed to mount necessary equipment on the waist, such as: main and backup weapon pouches, medical pouches, plastic platforms and many other things. The main feature of the belt is its small width - only 4.5 cm! - and light weight in combination with great functionality and durability. It doesn’t limit your mobility. The original design makes this belt comfortable and safe in use.


"Modulus" belt allows to mount all the types of necessary tactical elements, and a strong original Cobra buckle with D-ring helps to mount safety ropes when you work on a big height or to attach additional cargo to the halyard. It is necessary when you perform special tasks in difficult conditions, when you move inside transportation means, when you land from a helicopter without parachute or perform other dangerous missions. The lock construction ensures the high degree of safety, security and durability.


The belt consists of two parts:

  • First is the inner belt that is being inserted in tactical pants braces and is closed with an adjustable G-Hook buckle. The outer side of this belt is equipped with a Velcro panel ensuring quick and easy attachment of the main belt.
  • Second is the main belt that is made of durable strap of the same width. There are two rows of 10mm strap over it that forms a Molle interface.

Due to the special design the belt does not shift during movement and attached elements stay in their usual place which is crucial during tactical shooting. The pouches are being attached the same as to WarBelt and the attachment is just as strong. The belt is being fixed and adjusted with a strong and secure buckle with patented COBRA Austrian Alpin lock. This lock is protected from the accidental opening in the result of any impact. It is made from the strong aluminum alloy or plastic (depends on the user request) and corresponds to CE, EN, CSA, ANSI and NFPA standards.


5.45 DESIGN light unloading suspenders can be used for additional comfort during heavy equipment carrying. Just like any other 5.45 DESIGN production, "Modulus" belt is available in genuine MultiCam, Ranger Green and other color options. Moreover, now it is available in our patented A-Tacs FG color option.

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